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Exhibition Review

2019 Visitors Review

Visitors by Region

South China 71% East China 10%
North China 5% Overseas 5%
Central China 4% Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan 2%
Northeast China 1% Northwest China 1%
Southwest China 1%

Title of Visitors

Agents/Distributors/Wholesalers 25% Importers/Exporters 18%
Manufacturers 17% Shops/Retailers 11%
Chain Supermarkets/Stores 7% Restaurants/Hotels 6%
Others 6% E-commerce/WeChat Business 5%
Government/Association/Group 3% Pharmacy 3%

Renowned Brands

Exhibiting Countries:

Italy, Canada, Korea, Czech, Russia, Japan, Australia, USA, Poland, Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, New Zealand, Jamaica, Hungary, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Slovenian, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai.etc.

Domestic Pavilion:

Guangdong, Jilin, Guangxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Sichuan, etc


“This exhibition is the largest exchange platform for food and agricultural products in Asia, with a professional audience and a high degree of internationalization. Our association will continue to give full support to this event”

——Wang Ruiyuan, Chinese Cereals & Oil Association -- Oil & Fat Branch

"This is our first time participating in the exhibition. What we are looking for is the popularity of the exhibition in the country. The effect of the exhibition was very good. The organizer provided a lot of resources for us and participated in 5 business matching sessions. We signed a lot of purchase and sales contract agreements and we will come to exhibit next year."

——Yuan Feilong, Deputy Director of Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Yongxiu County

Key buyers include...

Key Buyers Include:
Chain Supermarkets、Stores、Restaurants、Hotels、E-Commerce、Agents、Distributors、Wholesalers,Mass、Professional、Medias...

VIP Buyer Groups

  • Guangdong Food Circulate Association
  • Guangdong Province Grain Industry Association
  • Guangzhou City Grain Industry Association
  • Zhongshan City Grain Industry Association
  • Dongguan City Grain Industry Association
  • Zhuhai City Grain Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Hongkong China Chamber of Commerce
  • Decheng Comprehensive Market
  • Guangzhou Yide Road Comprehensive Market
  • Guangzhou Sanyi International Food Market
  • Guangzhou Wholesale Market
  • Guangdong E-Commerce Industry Association
  • Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Food Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Western Food Association
  • Guangzhou Cuisine Association
  • South China Hotel Purchasing Managers Union
  • Guangdong Chain Operationd Association
  • Guangxi Supplier Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Chain Operationd Association

Conference and special events

International Conference on Rice Bran Oil

This conference was held in Guangzhou for the first time in 2019. It was organized by the International Rice and Oil Council and supported by 28 experts and scholars from six countries. Hundreds of representatives from Japan, USA, Denmark, Thailand and Vietnam attended this conference to discuss the current situation and trend of rice bran oil industry.

Chinese and Foreign High-Quality Fragrant Rice Competition

More than ten original ecological fragrant rice brands from Thailand, Vietnam, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Liaoning competed for four categories of "most fragrant rice", "most soft and glutinous rice", "most delicious rice" and "the best quality rice".

Food and Oil Awards Ceremony

Organized by Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, more than 100 authoritative experts and enterprise representatives from the rice and oil industry attended this ceremony. By honoring excellent brands, it aims to promote the healthy, safety and innovated development of the industry

Guangdong Outstanding Catering Brand Enterprise Contest

The event was organized by "Yangcheng Evening News" in cooperation with China Food News Network and other units. The selection activity gathered a large number of Guangdong-made food and beverage companies, allowing participants to "glance" at the mouthful and promote the spread of Guangdong's unique restaurant culture. It is a grand event with the best of both worlds!