The 32nd China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo 2024

14-16 June 2024

China Import and Export Fair Complex

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Facts & Figures - The 31st China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo

The 31st Guangzhou International Health Industry Expo was successfully concluded on June 11, 2023

Exhibitors are enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition, and the future can be expected

  • Exhibition Scale
  • Exhibitors
  • Professional buyers

The 31st China(Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo was successfully concluded on 9-11 June 2023 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. The success of this exhibition heralds the vigorous development of the International and domestic health industry, and also shows everyone's firm confidence in the future of the health industry. The exhibition lasted for 3 days. Focusing on the theme of "Health Industry China, Brings Well Being To The World", many industry leaders and cutting-edge brands had a smart collision with more experienced and mature industry professionals on the spot, which not only showed vigorous industry opportunities, It also points out the wind direction for future industry trends. The successful holding of this exhibition is inseparable from the love and support of all guests, Chinese and foreign exhibitors, partners and audience friends. It is because of everyone's responsibility and persistence that we once again jointly create an annual big health industry, chain event.

Visitors by Regions

  • Southwest China70%
  • East China7%
  • North China6%
  • Central China5%
  • Southwest China6%
  • Northeast China2%
  • Northwest China1%
  • Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan2%
  • Overseas1%

Visitors Source

  • Organizer’s Invitation53.6%
  • Exhibitor’s Invitation34.8%
  • WeChat/New Media/Short video29.3%
  • Invited and Organized by Industry Associations18.1%
  • Recommended by Industry/Colleague/Friend15.4%
  • Website/Email/SMS8.7%
  • Others2.6%

Visiting Categories

  • Distributors/Agents20.5%
  • TCM Clinic/Chinese Medical Hospital/Health and Beauty Salon14.37%
  • Confinement Center/Maternal and Child Store/Maternity Hospital12.1%
  • Health Product Direct-sale Store10%
  • Rehabilitation Centre/Retirement Center9.88%
  • National Chain Pharmacies7.9%
  • Supermarket/Retail Stores5%
  • Imports and Exports/International trade4.23%
  • Manufacturers4.02%
  • Community Group Buy/New Retail3.99%
  • Cross Border E-commerce3.34%
  • Government/Association/Consulates/Organizations2.67%
  • Media/Internet1.56%
  • Hotel/Catering0.44%

Visiting Objectives

  • Purchase45.69%
  • Looking for distributors and business partners25.96%
  • To know the market needs and innovative technology18.51%
  • Stay connect with supplier and dealers15.44%
  • Attend forum and conference11.23%
  • Evaluate the possibility of exhibiting5.69%
  • Others2.14%


  • Healthy Food & Nutritional Supplements20%
  • Probiotics & Intestinal Health18%
  • Medical Equipment & Health Care Products14%
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Tonic13%
  • High-end Water & Hydrogen Health12%
  • Maternal and Child Health10%
  • Smart Elderly Care & Health Management6%
  • Cross border Healthcare & Medical Travel4%
  • Package & Production Equipment3%

Exhibiting Goals

  • Find new dealers/partners/resellers83.6%
  • Promote new clients existing products and expand86.4%
  • Meet existing clients and strengthen relationships66.8%
  • Get target client data58.5%
  • Introducing new products/brands/services30.8%
  • Show company image27.9%
  • Promote brands and increase recognition by clients26.3%
  • Get latest market trends and clients` feedbacks16.1%
*The percentage is based on the number of people who answered this question. Due to the multiple choices of some exhibitors, the total percentage is greater than 100%

Survey for Exhibitors

  • Overall satisfaction with the exhibition98%
  • Overall Organizational Satisfaction of the Exhibition98%
  • Exhibition publicity and industry influence95%
  • Professional audience quality98%
  • The number of visitors and the on-site transaction rate95%
  • Exhibiting target achieved94%
  • Willingness to participate in IHE China 2024 again77%