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Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Associaion(JSS)in IFE China 2016(2)

Time: 2016-06-06

Aged in an oak barrel to realize a deep and sweet taste.

3.Kuge Honten Co., Ltd.

Established in 1860 at Usuki, Oita, where a famous town for brewing. 「Quality comes first」is their un-changed company policy . They use only locally-grown ingredients, sweet potato, barley and rice.

Products introduction:

1) Mugi Shochu Tsunezo Global Bottle 720ml 25%: This product is produced by normal pressure distillation method and bottled in a decorative black bottle with gold label, which represents “Cool Japan”. Mild, yet a slight sweetness.

2) Mugi Shochu Tsunezo 900ml 20%: Using bamboo charcoal for filtration. Aged for more than 1 year which realizes milder taste.  It goes well with citrus fruit as well.

3) Imo shochu Tsunezo  720ml 25%: Produced by locally-grown sweet potato and distilled under normal pressure which brings a real taste of sweet potato.

4.Kyoya Distiller & Brewer Co., Ltd

Established in 1834.  Using only selected ingredients and clay pot.Producing the real Shochu at a smaller batch with a help from the nature.

Products introduction:

1) Imo Shochu Kameshizuku 900ml 20%: Partly using organically-grown Miyazaki sweet potato, which brings fruity and rich flavor.  Pot style bottle.

2) Imo Shochu “Sora & Kaze & Daichi Genshu” 720ml 42%: Produced by using famous Sake rice “Yamadanishiki” as a koji rice. This crude Shochu brings a real taste and flavor of ingredients itself.

3) Imo Shochu “Heihachiro” 720ml 25%: Using black koji which brings strong character and full-body taste. 

4) Liqueur “Green tea and Jasmine” 720ml  8%: Green tea and Jasmine are blended with Mugi Shochu. This liqueur brings you a fresh and sweet aroma and flavor. Enjoy chille

5.Sanwa Shurui Co., Ltd.

Iichiko” is the most popular brand of Shochu.「Quality comes first」is the never changing company’s policy.

Products introduction:

1) Iichiko Pack 1,750ml 20%: Mild flavor and rich taste even after diluted by water or on-the-rock. Low in alcohol, yet a real Mugi shochu taste.

2) Iichiko Kogane no Imo 700ml 25%: Produced by using selected sweet potato and koji making techniques. Fruity aroma and deep flavor.

3) Iichiko Special 720ml  30%: Long-aged Mugi shochu using newly-developed yeast. It bring you a special flavor.

4) Iichiko Frasco Bottle 720ml 30%: “Koji-only making” and “Low-temperature fermentation” are the key points for this unique flavor and deep taste Shochu. Enjoy on-the-rock, with water, with hot water.

You are warmly welcomed to learn more and tast JAPANESE SHOCHU at their booths D06 in Hall 10.2 on June29-July 1,2016.